Hyaluron Pen (Dermal Filler)


Hyaluron Pen – simple and widely used device

Although the device itself has been in use for decades, now it has also become very useful in the beauty industry. General Lip fillers and any filler in the face for that matter is traditionally administered via a needle insertion, But now we have the Hyaluron Pen which is needle free yes that’s right NEEDLE FREE! The device itself is a pressurised device that inserts the filler (Hyaluronic Acid) directly into the area being treated but also disperses the product resulting in less lumps and bumps. Whats even more impressive about this device is that its painless! Now Lets not confuse the fact that Needle fillers live in a different world to the Hyaluron Pen. This device is used to plump and fill out any unwanted line but does not go as deep as a needle filler would so is less abrasive than a needle would be.

What can be treated with the Hyaluron Pen;

Facial lines


nasobial folds