HYALURON PEN (Dermal Filler)

Although the device itself has been in use for decades, now it has also become very useful in the beauty industry. General Lip fillers and any filler in the face for that matter is traditionally administered via a needle insertion, But now we have the Hyaluron Pen which is needle free. The device itself is a pressurised device that inserts the filler (Hyaluronic Acid) directly into the area being treated but also disperses the product resulting in less lumps and bumps.
Whats even more impressive about this device is that its painless! Now Lets not confuse the fact that Needle fillers live in a different world to the Hyaluron Pen. This device is used to plump and fill out any unwanted fine lines but does not go as deep as a needle filler would.


What Can Hyaluron Treat

  • Fine Facial Lines 
  • Lips 
  • Nasolabial Folds 
  • Elevens

Treatment Summary

  • Proceedure Time?

    30 – 45 Minutes 

  • Anaesthetic Required?


  • Down Time?

    Few Hours 

  • Back To Work?

    Same Day 

  • Duration Of Results?

    Three to Six Months 

  • How Many Treatments Required?


Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Hurt?

The Hyaluron pen is completely painless which is why it is such a popular treatment. 

Is It Safe?

The Hyaluron Pen is a safe and effective procedure that is FDA approved. 

Are there any side affects?

You may experience some mild redness and tenderness in the treatment area immediately after the procedure. However, this will normally fade within a few hours to a few days. 

What can I expect?

Before the treatment, you will have a consultation to ensure that you are comfortable with the procedure and that all of your questions are answered. After the treatment you will be provided with and aftercare sheet. 

How Much Does It Cost?


Per Area £120