Dear all of our valued and loyal customers, 

Please read Carefully, 

We would like to express our love and support to those that have been affected by Covid-19.  As a salon we have been privileged to serve the local community for over 27 years and we appreciate your loyalty in keeping us in business as we know that many before us have now sadly closed. We would like to give a little back in offering all NHS staff a discount across all services when you show your staff badge at reception.  

As you can imagine we are overjoyed to hear Mr Johnson announce and confirmed that we will be able to open our doors on the 4th of July.  As exciting as this is; there will be many changes to how Guys n Dolls will function. 

We have been busy behind the scenes on lockdown to ensure the safety of our clients and staff are met, please be confident in the measures that have been implemented to ensure your safety at all times. All of our staff members have completed numerous courses on Covid-19 & health and safety in the workplace so you can be confident that your safety is our number one priority.  

We have been working closely with our local council and following government guidelines and believe that we have everything covered to ensure it’s safe  to re-open Guys n Dolls. 

We have a sanitising procedure in place to clean each station (including reception), Sunbed, beauty areas and all tools after every use. (Please be patient as you may be asked to wait outside whilst this is actioned).

For the foreseeable future please see below our new rules; 

No Dry Cuts 

No Blow-drys 

No Small Children under the age of 10, (Unless they are able to sit in the salon on their own unattended)

No refreshments will be offered (please feel free to bring your own) 

No walk-in appointments (Booking only)

As per the governments announcement we will not be providing any beauty services or any services from the Clinic @ Guys n Dolls until we have been informed we can do so. 

What you must do… 

If you are experiencing any symptoms that could potentially be connected to Covid-19 or have been in contact with anyone that has tested positive, please do the responsible thing in self isolating for 14 days. If you have also been recently travelling please allow 14 days after returning to the uk before you visit us. 


Please arrive on time and on your own, as you can imagine we are going to be on tight deadlines if you are late will will not be able to fulfil your booked appointment, (no family members will be able to accompany you and will be asked to wait outside). 

On arrival, you will be asked to sanitise your hands or wash them with soap for a minimum of 20 seconds. 

One person at reception at all times as our door will be left open for ventilation, please be patient with our receptionist as they themselves will be under a lot of pressure. We will not tolerate any rude or aggressive behaviour towards our staff.  

Face masks must be worn at all times, please bring your own. We can provide you with one for a small surcharge. (No mask = No appointment) 

Due to the lack of space within the salon, please ensure that you arrive with minimal belongings as you will be asked to keep them by your side. 

Please refrain from touching any surface that can be avoided, Also please do not touch products unless you will be purchasing them. 


All bookings that have currently been booked, will be cancelled. We required you to provisionally book an appointment so we can now book you into spaced out slots. Unfortunately not everybody will keep their appointment on the same day that you have booked.

We will be contacting all clients to inform them of the availability that we have. As you can imagine we have an extensive list to go through but we will be trying our best to accommodate everyone so please bare with us. 

Please also keep an eye on our social media as this is where we will be informing you that we have completed the bookings. If you haven’t at that point received a call from us, It will be either because we hold an incorrect telephone number for you or that we have simply missed you off by mistake. 

We have now relaunched our free App (MySalonApp) that can be downloaded on Apple, Android and Google play. 

By downloading you will be able to, 

Pre-book all Hair and available beauty treatments. 


You can now book all tanning sessions online and through our app, We will only be accepting booking across all of our Sunbed’s and walk-ins will not be permitted. You can also book via calling 01322 272330. 

You will also be able to see your previous history, meet the team and any offers that we may have . 

As you can imagine we have missed you as much as you have us, I’m sure, but please know that although we would love to hug you; you will have to wait for a little while longer. 

 Love all the team at

Guys n Dolls