B12 Injections Dartford

Benefits of B12 Shots Here are some of the key Benefits of the B12 Injections we offer in our Clinic at Guys n Dolls, do you need a boost this winter? An injection of B12 can bring on immediate health benefits to you. – Increases Energy Levels and Concentration – Improves Metabolism and Helps With…

Fathers Day

Talking of Gel, we also stock another kind of Gel here at Guys n Dolls Dartford. SEB MAN made by Wella is available to purchase directly from us in the Salon. No delivery time, you can have access to the full range including the Beard Oil, Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner and their is even promotional gifts on offer at the moment – be quick to get your goodies as they won’t be around forever.

An ideal Father’s Day gift (yes, reminder Sunday 16th June) SEB MAN is the ideal treat for Dad. no wrapping required, their beautiful range comes in a handy bag, just pop your Father’s Day card inside! Fabulous Darling!

Where To Find Us!

Here at Guys N Dolls we are a very busy hair and beauty salon based in Kent. Not only are we up to date with all the latest trends and styles, Were a very popular salon trending all over social media.
With our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest Pages, which all have our latests deals, our portfolio work and all our information on products,our team and appointments.The salon provides the best services for all our lovely clients and our social media accounts offer you everything you need to know.

Its all about the Base (Colour)

You may hear your Stylist at Guys n Dolls Dartford refer to ‘Base Colour’ when you are with us here in the Salon, whether your hair be natural or dyed, before hi-lights, low-lights or any additional colour is applied they Stylist has to determine your base colour to achieve the best colour for you Hair.…