No Patch No Treatment

No Patch No Treatment. So important & Professional, and something all under our salon umbrella believes in. This is due to new Legislation and insurance purposes. If you have your Hair Colour Toner or Hi Lights. Eyelash Tint Eyebrows Tint Lashes Extensions Lash Lift Micropigmentation at our Salon please pop in and get re patch…

Where To Find Us!

Here at Guys N Dolls we are a very busy hair and beauty salon based in Kent. Not only are we up to date with all the latest trends and styles, Were a very popular salon trending all over social media.
With our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest Pages, which all have our latests deals, our portfolio work and all our information on products,our team and appointments.The salon provides the best services for all our lovely clients and our social media accounts offer you everything you need to know.